Bumblebee Launch

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Bumblebee, a set of user object components which bridge multiple facets of Grasshopper and Excel.

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Link to Grasshopper Group

Bumblebee is a set of user objects which connect Microsoft Excel and Grasshopper.

The current component set allows for not just the transfer of data back and forth between GH and XL but gives the Grasshopper user access to many of excels analytic tools and graphic settings. The concept is to create a series of components which allow for variable levels of engagement with Excel, for simply transferring a large set of data between the programs at high speeds, to creating a highly graphically coordinated charts and data sets.

The components fall under several categories and each component is designed to perform a single type of operation, allowing them to be interchanged as a projects workflow demands, or used in combination with other plugins which access excel. An example of this is the conditional formatting and chart components, which use data already in excel to run their processes, requiring at a minimum that the user just activate them in grasshopper.

The components are built on the Microsoft Excel Interop method and are written primarily in VB nodes, available a series of user objects that can easily be modified and loaded back into the larger user object collection. This is so future updates are easy to integrate, but also so that users can feel free to modify, improve and re-upload any components back to the Bumblebee group.



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